- T30 torx screwdriver
- Philips screwdriver
- Drill with a 6mm bit

STEP 1: Drill the swtich hole

11 o'clock according to the cigar lighter is the perfect position for the toggle switch. Drill the hole around 5-7mm off the lighter housing. Better drill the ashtray while mounted, not after removing it.

STEP 2 : Remove the ashtray & the stereo

Gently pull the gearstick gaitor up and open up the ashtray door. This will reveal two Philips screws. Undo those and remove the ashtray, disconnecting the two connectors. Pull the hazard light bezel towards you while moving it up and down. Undo the four T30 screws (some early models have two T30 and two 8mm nuts). Pull the stereo out, disconnect the hazard light, heated seats and climate control connectors.

STEP 3 : Installation

Reveal the gap behind and under the stereo. Put the JagBT device in that gap, while its longer side parallel to the floor. Make sure the fan outlet looks towards the gear stick and not blocked in any way. Plug the connector you've removed from the stereo and plug it in JagBT. Plug JagBT's second connector in the stereo, redo all remaining connectors and fit the stereo back in. Redo the screws and tidy up.

STEP 4 : Let's party!

Turn the ignition to the position I. Look for a new Bluetooth device named "Hazy Audio" on your phone. Connect. Switch to the JagBT, press play, enjoy. You may control the volume from your phone.

STEP BY STEP : Installation Video