About JagBT

Being a personal project, JagBT is the product of a two years-long hard work and many hours of testing in labs and in actual cars. My aim was to reach the best sound quality while not sacrificing from functionality and safety.

I tried soldering into the CD units, replacing the CD player units with new ones, mounting amps in the trunk, even to hack into the TV feed of our screens. All those options were feasible but not practical  for the average car owner at all.

I've decided to build a micro amplifier from scratch. At the heart of the device lies the infamous TDA7850 & AC6925 audio processor which ensures quality sound and enough power to drive our speakers. The PCB design and manufacturing were made by most talented Mr. Baris Sonmez (http://www.barissonmez.com.tr), using the most quality parts available. Our lab tests results were satisfactory beyond my expectations. The in-car experiments were nothing but a success as well.

Jag-BT only supports Bluetooth music input. We are in 2021 and any smart device is capable of transmitting high quality music over Bluetooth. A new unit supporting hands free phone calls is under development. Both products are designed for vehicles equipped with standard audio package. The premium Alpine package already includes an amplifier thus not supported, yet. A premium-compatible version is being developed for the time being.

We hope you enjoy our product and having the freedom of using any audio source makes you fall in love with your car, again.


Firat Aydog